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Villa Baroncino was built in the 18th century offering spectacular views over Lake Trasimeno, the luxuriant garden and a panorama of the Umbrian hills spotted with regular rows of olive trees and vineyards. The estate offers accommodations for 50 guests in its nine apartments and four suites being the perfect venue for a destination wedding in Italy. The Baroncino Estate has two separate buildings: Villa Vittoria and Villa Adele. The apartments of Villa Vittoria are equipped with kitchen, while Villa Adele offers a large gourmet kitchen that boasts both original design and modern fixtures. Kitchens are very well equipped with ovens and stoves, a large refrigerators and separate freezers. Villa Adele has large common areas for its guests, a dining room, and a sitting room with an ancient fireplace. The Villa has fifteen bathrooms, and many amenities, such as satellite TV. The walls of the Villa are adorned with paintings and sculptures realized in the past by famous local artists.

The gardens are Villa Baroncino 's biggest attraction. When we created them, we planted about 10,000 trees and bushes that make the grounds unique and spectacular. The plant varieties are typical of the flora of Umbria and Tuscany: olives and cypresses, as well as aromatic plants such as lavender, rosemary and sage, and wayfaring trees, verbena, geraniums and more. Our two swimming pools, situated near Villa Vittoria and Villa Adele, can accommodate large groups, offering a welcome respite from the summer heat. During the wedding reception, the appetizers are served around the pool. The pool is surrounded by a terracotta sunbathing area, a lawn, age-old olive trees, cypresses and rosebushes.
The 180-degree view from the pool is fabulous: the east side of the lake, Castiglione del Lago off in the distance, the castle of Montegualandro, the old Torraccia and the wooded hillside. Photographs or – better yet – a personal visit are the only ways to grasp the full beauty of the gardens and surroundings.
Villa Baroncino is surrounded by 3 hectares of vineyard divided into red and white grapes. The estate has also 1500 olive trees, many of which over a century old, and they produce excellent PDO extra virgin olive oil that is still pressed in the old traditional way at the Sanguineto oil mill. The vineyard on the estates produces our Baroncino white and red wine as well as the Prosecco. Each single year, we produce 1500 kilograms of olive oil, 5000 bottles of red wine, 4000 bottles of white wine and 3000 bottles of Prosecco. The wines and olive oil are bottled with our own label, which has the villa's coat of arms. Our guests have found that serving wine and oil produced on the estate where the wedding is held adds a lovely touch to the reception.